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Wendy Akinyi

Wendy is 18 and completed her high school education in 2017. She was first introduced to art when she was in fourth grade at school. She enjoyed drawing with pencil at home but did not have access to any other art materials.

When Wendy reached her first year of high school, she learnt about the Uweza Art Gallery from a neighbour and starting attending the Gallery’s classes where she was able to use paint and canvas for the first time.

Wendy loves to express herself through painting simple things found in nature as well as the beauty of her culture. For example, her Samburu woman entitled, “She Is”, epitomises the strength and grace of the African woman. Wendy would like to challenge the negative perceptions that people have about Kibera and about Africa generally by showing how captivating and magical they can be through her artwork.

Historically, lack of money has been a problem for Wendy. Her parents are both casually employed and struggle to make ends meet and to provide for their family. Thankfully, Wendy has been able to attend school through the sale of her paintings.

When asked how the Uweza Art Gallery has impacted her life, Wendy particularly notes the access to mentorship and guidance from more established artists in Kenya that the Gallery has helped to facilitate. This has inspired her to continue to evolve her own style and to pursue her aim of becoming a “great artist”.

Exhibited works:

Bluebirds and Apples

She Is